Feb, 2023
Feb, 2023
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About Us

Overall Services

Experience rejuvenating Luxury blended with Quality Indian Hospitality. Now you can make yourself feel at home luxuriously, stay at our landmark hotel and treat yourself to the finest hospitality, warmth and luxury. Our rooms have the finest cosy ambience that you seek. Special care is taken that each and every room that you avail will mesmerize your senses with the royal and luxurious outlook and facilities. The architect and setting of our hotel is crafted keeping in mind the taste of our consumers. We ensure no compromise in guaranteeing the best lodging for our guest with all-round five star facilities. With us, it would be hard for you to want to go home. Avail a stay at our premium residential suites. Here, all around dignity meets royal comfort, we also come with a valet parking.


Apart from that indulge yourself in one of the finest restaurants you would encounter. Our Lotus Gardenia is hands down the best restaurant in Doddaballapur. You can avail a wide range of authentic cuisines such as Indian, Tandoor, Andhra, Chinese and Costal. Our chefs are especially trained to present premium, authentic and scrumptious dishes to give your senses an extra amp. Although all of our delicacies are mouthwatering and scrumptious, the non veg dishes are our speciality. Our food is indeed suited to feast your senses, it is an example of refined taste enmeshed with a symphony of flavours. You donot want to miss dining on the roof top of Lotus Gardenia. We guarantee that our service is the only one that you will encounter in Doddaballapur. The associated bar also provides with you with the most amusing kinds of cocktails and mock tails. You can choose to sit and relish our food. We also offer the take away service because consumer satisfaction is our top most priority.


You can allow yourself to be completely pampered and get yourself services in your room. With our well trained staff, you know that we never compromise on your hospitality. If you want to escape from the dynamicity of your fast paced life, come and book a stay with us. Similar to the consumer hospitality, we do not compromise on the customer safety. We abide by all the norms of physical distancing and the standard safety protocols. The service that we provide is the only one that you will encounter in Doddaballapur. Come and enjoy a tiny glimpse of a serene paradise. Online bookings and flexible cancellations available!

Family Restaurant

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Lotus Gardenia has the most prominent family restaurant with the best ambiance you can avail in Doddaballapur and one of the best you can avail in India. The architecture and the setting has been inspired by an enmeshing of comfort and royal luxury. The ambiance of the restaurant is crafted by keeping the consumers in mind. Along with the best ambiance, we present you the finest of hospitality. You will experience authentic Indian hospitality from the finest staff. Lotus Gardenia is the only restaurant in Doddaballapur that provides the best ambiance, hospitality and services, all at once. It is a combination of the best of everything.</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Having a meal at Lotus Gardenia is a sheer delight to all the food enthusiasts. You get to avail the finest of Indian, Andhra, Chinese and Coastal cuisine served in their best form in a stunning ambiance. Each and every dish we serve are made with the finest quality of ingredients and they are served hot and fresh. Each and every dish here is crafted with experience, skill and care. Our specialty however lies in non-vegetarian items. Lotus Gardenia is the only establishment in Doddaballapur that provides such a wide variety of scrumptious items.</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>We provide a fine dining experience with our unique rooftop dining. That is something that you don’t want to miss. We invite connoisseurs from all over the globe to savor our offerings. We have a well-established bar that offers a wide variety of both cocktails and cocktails to suit your requirements. Along with quality service and the best of hospitality, we do not compromise when it comes to the consumer’s safety. We abide by the international standards of safety and pandemic appropriate behavior. We abide by all the rules and regulations of social distancing. We are strongly focused on our hygiene and our staff remains under strong invigilation.</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Our services can be availed online and they are extremely flexible. You can choose to sit and eat, enjoy the ambiance and savor our offerings. We also provide takeaway services based on your convenience. Visit, enjoy, and retreat.</p>

Cuisine and Details

Lotus Gardenia offers the best of Indian and Chinese cuisine along with the finest hospitality that you would ever experience. The Family restaurant at Lotus Gardenia is a feast to both your senses and to your mind. Here, you get the best of the Indian, Andhra, Tandoor and Costal cuisine. Each and every delicacy served to the consumer is fresh and scrumptious. All the dishes in our restaurant are prepared by staff who are experienced and well trained in the culinary art. Every dish that you take here is unique, scrumptious and authentic. Our speciality lies in the non vegetarian dishes that we provide. Our service is extremely unique to Doddaballapur.


When you choose to eat at Lotus Gardenia, don&#39;t miss out on the roof top dining. It is an experience where luxury meets authentic hospitality. The restaurant also has its own bar from where you can choose from a wide range of cock tails and mock tails. Our restaurant is crafted to provide the consumers an experience to cherish. The services provided in Lotus Gardenia are flexible. You can choose to sit and eat in our restaurant, enjoy the rooftop dining or you can avail a takeaway. Consumer satisfaction is our foremost priority.


Providing authentic hospitality and quality luxury to our consumer is definitely our priority but we do not compromise with the safety of our consumers. We strictly abide by all the social distancing norms. We follow all the protocols abiding the standards of international hygeine and pandemic appropriate behaviour. Our staff undergo regular invigilation when it comes to their health. We pay extra attention to the hygeine. The over all aim is to provide our consumers a retreat from their otherwise fast paced and dynamic lifestyle. At Lotus Gardenia, we are here to pamper you and take care of all your needs. We provide online bookings and flexible cancellations.

Luxury Rooms

Avail a stay at our residential suites and luxury rooms, you are guaranteed to experience a slicence of paradise. The architecture and the setting of our rooms are high-end luxurious. It is crafted to elevate the regal essence of the consumer. Our rooms contain high quality furnishings combined with opulent as well as expensive touches. The aesthetic appearance and essence of the room has been meticulously crafted in order to provide our guests the best of royal hospitality and luxury. The ambience of the rooms are quiet and serene. It provides you with the tranquility that you need to relish your retreat.


We have the requisite deluxe amenities in the room which is required during the course of the stay. There is complimentary internet access that you can avail. We have the finest quality room service to tend to all your requirements. Our washrooms are well built and equipped with the finest toiletries and accessories that you can avail. You can get everything you need with our dedicated team who are persistently at your service. With us, you know you can relax and retreat. We are here to take care of your needs and pamper you to the utmost luxury. We synthesize the old world tranquility with modern-day conveniences. Our rooms are spacious, luxurious and newly designed.


Here, we also have a system of advanced security to take complete care of your privacy and safety. Apart from our staff we use high end technology to ensure complete safety. Further, we strongly abide by the international standards of hygiene and pandemic appropriate behavioural codes. We strongly abide by the rules and regulations of social distancing. Our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Each and every staff working with us are under strong invigilation when it comes to their health. For our guests we ensure nothing but the best. We also offer online bookings and flexible cancellation services. Customer safety and satisfaction is our foremost priority. Take a break from your fast paced dynamic lifestyle and enjoy a retreat with us. You&#39;re sure to experience a slice of paradise.